Monday, 24 February 2014

Find The Best Gift For Your Girlfriend According To Her Personality Type

If you are newly in a relationship there can be a lot of things you may not know about, but you are probably trying to figure it out. Especially when you have to please your girlfriend now every guy knows this quite clearly how difficult it is to please a girl. But if you are in love, you wouldn't stop trying won't you and when there is a will there is always an interesting way. If you are a boyfriend who is wondering what to give your girlfriend on her birthday that would be quite interesting as a present, then you need to think a little different. Here is a small test that will help you determine the appropriate gift based on the analysis of her personality type.
Take this test that consists of 5 simple and easy questions where you get three options A, B and C. Based on the option you have selected there will be a detailed analysis and at the end the personality types will be declared, if she falls in any one of the category then accordingly the gift ideas shall be suggested.
# 1 Generally, your girlfriend is
A) Talkative B) Shy C) Smart talker
# 2 The kind of movie she likes
A) Sci-fi/Action B) Romantic Comedy C) Horror/Drama
# 3 On a Sunday she would love to
A) Take up some fun activity B) Cook an awesome lunch C) Visit the mall
# 4 Her favorite apparel is
A) Skirts & Top B) Trendy Kurtis C) jeans and top
# 5 The characteristic traits of which of the following actress match her
A) Kareena Kapoor B) Alia Bhatt C) Anushka Sharma
Now, that you have completed the test, it is time for analysis, it is quite simple all you have to do is asses your answers as one of the three categories with mostly A's, B's or C's.
Mostly A's (If you got 3 or more A's)
Personality Type: Extrovert
Your girl is quite open minded and she loves to express herself, whether in good times or bad times. She wouldn't mind if she had to cry and when she is happy the vibes will be felt from a long distance. She is full of life and cheerful, and she loves to do distinct activities that speak a lot about her personality, she loves to take the charge if needed. For a girl like this, you have to do something fascinating as they are in look out for everything that is trendy. Something that would appeal to her could be tote bags, sunglasses or perfumes. She cannot be completely called eccentric but she surely is someone who would love to talk on and on, as this is her way of defining freedom.
Mostly B's (If you got 3 or more 3 B's)
Personality Type: Reserved
One of the basic elements and also the striking feature in such girls is their simplicity. The honest appearance and as a result making it clear that they are quite knowledgeable. They are cute and usually are on the submissive side, but are mentally strong and look for value and meaning in whatever they do. If you are looking to surprise someone like her then you must give her something from the category of personalized gifts. It would mean a lot to her, even something like a flower also goes on to make a sweet difference.
Mostly C's (If You got 3 or more 3 C's)
Personality Type: The modern Hipster
This could be quite a cool way to describe your girl if she shows the characteristic traits of a smooth talker and presents herself in a smart way and takes her own time to eventually mix up with people. She has that spunk which makes her stand out and talk of the ton. She is unique in her own ways and full of surprises, she defies the conventional and presents a personality that keeps you hooked on to her. She has a vivid fashion sense and it is all a part of her hipster aura. When gifting her you have got to be very creative and think out of the box to give her something, she would love something from the home d├ęcor section though. Because this personality type are often on the lookout to make things look good, and different, so the gift needs to be equally so.

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