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How Public Speaking Can Help Your Marketing

Many people have a fear of public speaking. As a business owner; however, you are probably faced with situations where have no choice but to get involved with some sort of public speaking. You can conquer your fears and your public speaking efforts can help your business's marketing campaign.
The secret behind successful public speaking
Believe it or not, there is a formula that, if followed closely, will help you to become an expert at public speaking and that expertise that you develop will, in turn, help your marketing efforts tremendously. There are a few different approaches that you can take to accomplish this.
  • Proving your credibility: As a public speaker, you are in a position of having to establish your credibility with your audience members. The first thing that you would do in that situation is to say something to convince your audience members that you have the experience that would make them view you as a credible source and an expert in that particular area. When it comes to connecting with your audience, you must do two things very effectively. First, you must reach them on an emotional level. Whatever you choose to say, it must be something that they react to with some sort of feeling. Second, you must convince them that you are someone whom they can trust. Trust and credibility go hand in hand and if you are able to build your credibility, you will probably be able to build your trust with those people as well.

  • Reaching your audience members on an emotional level: Everyone (in business and in life) has a story to tell. Your story will elicit an emotional reaction of some sort. The stronger and more effective your story is, the more powerfully your target audience will react to you. If they react to you in that manner, they will most likely eventually want to do business with you at some point. As you are telling your story, it is a great idea to use a combination of words and graphic images. One of the main reasons why images work so well is that many people are visual and they react much more to images than they do to words. An important part of your story is expressing what you stand for and your principles that surround your business. That is where the marketing side comes into the public speaking. You have a business and your business is a clear reflection of who you are. They are tied together very closely.

  • Using your logical side: When you are speaking in public, whatever you are expressing must be convincing to the people who are listening to you. As you are speaking, you will need to back up your information with facts from other sources so that your audience members don't think that you pulled the information out of thin air. Credible resources go a long way. You need to back up whatever you are saying appropriately.

  • Making your presentation interesting to your audience: If you go on and on and it is all about you and your business, you will lose the attention of your audience. You must keep it interesting for them, yet, at the same time, you must get your point across effectively. Your presentation shouldn't be too long and it should captivate the people who are there to listen to what you have to say. You want to keep them in the palm of your hand throughout your presentation.

  • Don't just stand in one place and talk: As challenging as it might be, if at all possible, use visual aids when you are delivering your presentation. If you are able to use them effectively, they have the potential to make your presentation go from good to outstanding. They can captivate and motivate your audience members. Although it seems like such an obvious thing to do, you may be surprised to know that not everyone uses visual aids in their presentations. They really can make a tremendous difference.

  • Make sure that you rehearse: Practice really does make perfect. Perfecting your presentation is important for you as a presenter and it is important for you as a marketer. Even if you have a tremendous amount of experience with public speaking, you should always practice before you present. You will be much more comfortable and your efforts will come off much more smoothly. All of your hard work and effort will be obvious once you stand in front of your audience and tell them what you want them to know.
Developing your public speaking skills will help your marketing efforts (and results) tremendously. They truly go hand in hand and they are both critical to the success of your business. Once you have given a presentation, you need to get extra mileage out of it by continuing to interact with the people who attended your presentation. That is just the beginning of your relationship with each person who attended. The relationships will blossom and you will have many productive, fruitful years together. There are many different ways to pursue your public speaking opportunities, which you can then tie into your marketing efforts. You should think of public speaking as a form of marketing that works in tandem with the more traditional forms of marketing that you are probably using.
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Carolyn T. Cohn is the Chief Editor of CompuKol Communications. Mrs. Cohn has a wealth of experience in managing people and projects. She has run several editorial departments for various companies. Mrs. Cohn has 25 years of editorial experience and her expertise covers a wide range of media, such as online editing, editing books, journal articles, abstracts, and promotional and educational materials. Throughout her career, Mrs. Cohn has established and maintained strong relationships with professionals from a wide range of companies. The principle that governs her work is that all words need to be edited.

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The Different Types of Bars That Can Be Hired Using Mobile Bar Hire

There are many different types of bars that can be hired out. People might think of a bar as a static object which will probably stay in the same place for years and years. But this doesn't have to be the case. In many venues bars are actually hired out and this is ideal for things like events which only happen every so often and don't need a bar situated in the same place for a long period of time. Bars can easily be moved around and they come in a variety of different types which will be talked about in more detail below. Services offering mobile bar hire can be used to provide these types of bars.
You might think a bar is just as it is and can only come in one particular shape, style or colour. Many establishments, such as pubs, use stationary type bars but there are many other places as well as events and occasions which are ideally suited to using mobile bar hire services. Bars for these types of places can be tailored to suit exactly what it is the customer is after. Bespoke bars are offered so customers are not only limited to bars which are of a particular style or shape.
People don't tend to want the same thing and sometimes having something slightly different can make your event stand out and make that special occasion even more special. Events are a great time to let your inner creativity come out and a bar is often something that should be suited to the theme of a particular event. It might be that your event is themed around ice and this is a great type of bespoke bar that can be provided by services offering mobile bar hire. The style of ice can be catered for and this makes it specific to your event.
Alternatively if you're happier having a simpler solution you can get some that come in standard shapes and sizes such as straight or circular. Straight ones can conveniently fit in amongst other furniture because they can be placed against a wall. Circular bars are a good way for the bar to stand out as the centrepiece of an event by being placed in the centre with access from any area of the event location.
On the other hand you might not want something quite so simplistic. Services providing mobile bar hire offer glowing bars which use LED lights to create a glowing impact across the whole bar. This can help a bar stand out and make your event more spectacular.
Some people choose mobile bar hire providers that offer branded bars. These types of bars have brand images and logos on them. They are good for the brand because they create more awareness amongst potential customers. They are also good for consumers because a brand that is expected to be sold behind the bar can easily be displayed and a good quality brand image can be portrayed about the event itself.

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Violin Rosin: Essential for Beginning Players

So, you've purchased your child a violin. Most likely, whether you purchased the violin from a private party, online, or from a brick and mortar violin shop, you now have a violin and violin bow in a violin case. That's a great start but, unfortunately, only the beginning of acquiring the most essential violin accessories necessary to providing your child the most complete playing and learning experience possible.
One of the small but very important accessories you can purchase for your child is violin rosin. Actually, "important" doesn't go far enough. Violin rosin (or rosin for the viola and cello) is essential. It's so vital that even if you have a bow and a violin, your child will not be able to play the instrument without rosin.
What is rosin? Rosin is a small, smooth and semi-transparent round or rectangular cake that fits in the palm of your hand. It is made from the tree sap of various conifers, like pine, that is hardened and varies in color from light amber to very dark brown. Rosins are now available in a synthetic blend made for those who are allergic to tree sap.
How is it used? The student should tighten their bow to the appropriate tension for playing and then rub the bow hairs back and forth along the cake of rosin. Typically, a bow only needs a few passes across the rosin once the hair has been broken in but a freshly rehaired bow may need quite a bit more passes across the rosin to achieve the desired effect. The rosin is a sticky substance that adheres to the bow hairs and allows the bow to better grip the violin strings by increasing friction when drawing the bow across the stings.
There are different grades of rosin available for beginners, intermediate players or professionals and rosin does differ between instruments. The smaller string instruments like violins and violas typically require the lighter rosin, while cello rosin tends to be darker colored. The quality of rosin is dependent on other substances that have been added to the mix that modify not only the color of the cake, but also the friction properties. Rosin ranges in cost, from anywhere between $3 a cake to $48 for the higher-end professional grades.
It's always best to ask the advice of a professional, whether you're purchasing rosin at a violin shop or an online violin store that sells violin accessories like rosin. You may also ask your child's teacher for his or her recommendation of which grade of rosin is best for your child.
Just remember: each time the violin is played, rosin dust accumulates on the strings over time. It is wise to purchase string-polishing cloths to wipe away excess rosin from the strings every so often.

Increasing Passion

In order to have a passionate relationship in the bedroom, it is important to establish adult - adult relating patterns. When people start wagging their fingers at their partners, telling their partners how to think, feel or behave they have moved into a parent - child style of relating. The parent - child style of relating is not sexy and tends to dampen rather than excite libido.
True passion involves vulnerability - completely surrendering to each other and to the moment. It is difficult for a couple to feel open and vulnerable when they have been bickering. If a husband or wife feels like they have to pick up after and take care of their partner like one of the children, how likely are they to be breathlessly waiting to roll into bed with their partner? The same question applies, if a partner feels that they are being treated like a child?
Increasing passion can be a challenge in committed relationships. Carefully and honestly examine your behavior in your relationship. Are there times when you behave more like a parent or a child than a mature adult?
  • Do you lecture or scold your partner?
  • Do you whine and complain to or about your partner?
  • Do you demand that you get your way, now?
  • Do you take responsibility for things that should be your partner's responsibility?
  • Do you have temper tantrums or volatile reactions to criticism?
The more couples approach their relationships as two mature adults, the more they will be willing and able to be vulnerable with each other. Emotional maturity allows partners to approach the bedroom in ways that enhance, rather than erode their love life. Emotionally mature couples are more likely to feel aroused by their partner and have a satisfying love life.
When partners are emotionally mature they are more able to be fully present during lovemaking. They are more open to being creative, adventurous and respectfully enjoying one another. They are willing to share what they enjoy and happy to learn about their partner's preferences, wants and desires.
Mature partners can easily accept and respect when their partner chooses to say "no" or is uninterested in sex. They do not assume that this means there is something wrong with them or the relationship or that their partner does not love them. To them, sex is something to be enjoyed by choice not out of duty or obligation. They recognize that obligatory sex is one sure way to dampen libido.
Emotionally mature couples are secure in themselves. They are able to be vulnerable and to easily express and receive love. They are considerate and empathetic and are willing to make sacrifices for each other.
Increased awareness of those times that you may slip into the parent - child, rather than adult - adult relating style, will increase your ability to make a different choice. As you increase the maturity of your interactions with each other, you may also notice increased heat in the bedroom.

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Getting Started As a Magician

It is very difficult to be a magician, as it is probably one of the most difficult arts to practice and master. However, once you reach the point where you believe you've mastered some amazing stunts, you might want to gain notoriety as a magician. Let us have a brief guideline on how to get started as an up and coming magician.
We have presumed that the person in question already has some skills outside of coin and card tricks in order to get started.
Every magician has his/her own special abilities and qualities. It is a humble request to every magician not to try to copy other famous magicians because in this process you may lose your originality. It is important to learn from some of these famous magicians but one should not try to copy them, as each one of them is different in his/her own ways.
Take for example Harry Houdini and Dynamo. Both these magicians are extremely skilful and yet both have diametrically opposite styles. Houdini was more of an over the top magician who loved being flashy and extravagant. Dynamo on the other hand is like a silent killer, who lets his actions speak more than words. It is important for a budding magician to retain his/her persona and act accordingly.
The budding magician must take up small shows at birthdays and other functions in order to garner some kind of confidence. The budding magician should never shy away from these shows, as some magicians confront their egos while doing such shows. It is important to remember that a sequential manner would benefit in the longer term. Hence, these small shows should be used as a confidence building measure. In addition, if one feels that he/she has performed a mistake, try to laugh it out and show that it was meant to be one.
Last but not the least; the magician should upload his/her magic videos on various media sites like YouTube. The magician should then do a proper marketing of this video and follow it up with other videos too. These videos, when will performed and unique, will make you popular among. If you are popular on internet then it will not take a long time for you to be popular as a magician too.
Social media and practice in front of an audience has helped many a magician get started in there careers. If you're really hard up for gigs, you can even promise to do a free one to start, and then film that show for YouTube to show how you are in front of an audience.

By James J Anthony

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to Prepare for Any Event

It's quite rare that you can write and read a one size fits all guide which will work for (almost) any situation within a particular field. When it comes to event furniture hire and planning though, there's a basic system you will always need to follow in order to make sure everything goes perfectly to plan.
  • Setting the date
You will be working around this for everything you do next, so it's vital that you get this sorted in advance. Make sure it's something you can do, and one which gives you enough time to plan the rest of the event and organise event furniture hire and the like. While it might be tempting to change the date so that everyone can come, you'll find that this is rarely - if ever - the case anyway.
Most events can be planned and organised in two weeks, but longer is always preferable.
  • Sort the guest list
This is another important factor which will help you to determine how big a venue you will need and how much event furniture hire you will need to do. Work out just who you'll be inviting, and remember that around 20% of your invitees are likely to turn down your invitation due to other commitments.
  • The venue
Now you know how many people you will be asking to attend, you can look for venues large enough to host this number. Always pick somewhere which can cope with the maximum you'll be having (as well as few extra places in case you've forgotten anyone, or someone wants to take a plus one along with them.
The venue should be easy to reach. You might have guests who plan to walk, drive, or to take public transport, so make sure all of them will have a way of attending. No parking can be a real parking, but if there's a public car park nearby, provide instructions on how to get from there to the venue on foot.
  • Send the invites
Now everything is set in stone, it's time to let your guests know. Give them as much notice as you can, so this can be done as soon as you have booked the venue. Ask whether there are any specific dietary requirements which will need to be catered for, and provide contact details so you can answer any questions which may arise.
  • Furniture hire
Now you have an empty room, and people who will be in attendance. Make sure they're not making a wasted trip by filling that room and preparing your event. You're likely to need an event furniture hire company to provide seating and tables, but the needs will differ from event from event. If you're not sure what you need or what would work well, speak to the event furniture hire company themselves who will be able to give you the best advice possible (after all, they're likely to have done this before).
  • Catering
If your event requires food and drink, now is the time to organise that particular element. This might be a sit down meal or it could be a just light refreshments like tea and biscuits.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What Is Sanctuary to You?

Home, church, a place of protection, a Scottish croft, a Jewish schtel, a snow cave, a grain basket, a hotel, a beekeepers farm, a mountain retreat-all have been sanctuaries to different characters both fictional and real.
Deborah, a leasing agent, said her sanctuary is her home. "Home is a place where you take your faith, where you have your retreat. It's peace, comfort, safety, and security," she affirmed.
An apartment resident, a former Chicagoan, showed no hesitation in his choice: the Church and worship. He was adamant in his rejection of any other connotation.
Another resident, a young loquacious Indian wife named Sumi defines sanctuary as "anyplace that makes me feel good: a waterfall, a swimming pool, a place with people I feel safe with."
To a retired minister and his organist-wife, sanctuary is found in their religious faith, practiced not only in various churches but also in their everyday generosity as exemplified in their volunteer work and providing transportation to individuals without means of travel.
To my father it was escape to a fresh-water fishing camp where he could withdraw from the cares of business and family. It wasn't in catching a quantity of fish so much as it was in the quietness, the closeness to nature,
the hypnotic aura of a flat-bottom boat rocking gently in a river's current or on a lake's rippling surface.
In one of his literary works, Mrs. Warren's Profession, British satirist playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote that a hotel is a kind of sanctuary from the incessant demands of home life-the opposite of the leasing agent's acknowledgment of home as a sanctuary.
Hamish Macbeth, the lovable, crime-solving, totally unambitious Scottish bobby of M. C. Beaton's mystery series, finds sanctuary in the serene Highlands village of Lochdubh and, more specifically, in his humble police station and simple croft.
For the Jewish boy Reuven and his baby sister Rachel in Kathryn Lasky's Broken Song, a novel set in tsarist Russia, sanctuary is found, in turn, in violin music, especially Dvorak's classics; in a grain basket; and a snow cave. After their beloved schtel, a small village, is destroyed by brutal Cossack troops, the brother and sister alone escape.
Poet Emily Dickinson found her sanctuary, if you will, as a recluse in her own home, from which she created some of the world's immortal, terse poetic masterpieces on subjects that ranged from heaven, dying, and hope to nature, wine, and art.
For 14-year-old Lily Owens in Sue Monk Kidd's bestseller The Secret Lives of Bees sanctuary from an abusive father becomes a beekeeping farm in Tuburon, South Carolina with three black sisters, each with names based on the months of the year. Lily and her runaway black nanny find refuge and new life learning beekeeping and honey-making and soaking in the kindness and wisdom of August, the oldest of the three industrious sisters. Lily also learns about her deceased mother's past in this same sanctuary.
All creatures seek some form of sanctuary. Not all find it. A mother found such refuge forever eluding her desperate grasp. For 92 years she spent her long, tumultuous life trying to reconcile so many disparities involving her parents, nursing an ailing spouse, curbing the over-zealous behavior of two sons, struggling with ailments of her own, managing a business-ever struggling to balance her needs and the needs of others. If she did find a kind of refuge, it was a dubious one: doctor-prescribed medications for both physical and mental illnesses. She passed away in a nursing home. Bipolar drugs that would have tempered the extremes of her mood swings still awaited
Copeland is the author of The Patient Quest, a novella available Print-on-Demand, and four books published electronically by Kindle. He has been a teacher, journalist, editor, outside book sales manager, and special events coordinator for a large book chain. His e-mail address is He has two grown children and three grandchildren. Copeland currently resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia, near Atlanta. The author welcomes feedback.

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The Status of Art in Dubai

With its modern buildings and cosmopolitan air, Dubai is known as a contemporary, high tech emirate and few people associate this image with art. However, Dubai is home to several widely acclaimed artists and those who live there often have the possibility of going to galleries and shows. In fact, an artistic air can be felt in the entire area: from the awe-inspiring skyscrapers designed by some of the most renowned architects in the world, to the interesting film and music festivals, Dubai itself has been called a work of art many times. For this article, we will focus on the growing influence and popularity of visual arts such as painting, photography and prints.
Many galleries are in operation with frequent openings. For example, the emirate is home to Carbon 12 Dubai, an internationally recognized gallery. It was established in 2008, as the first gallery in the region to initiate a comprehensive, firmly global, program of institution-grade artists. Some of the artists that are featured during this event are Rui Chafes, Andre Butzer, Katherine Bernhardt, Birgit Graschopf, Philip Mueller and Ralf Ziervogel.
The exhibitions on Alserkal Avenue District are very popular and they have been featured in various regional and international art magazines. Alserkal is doubling in size by the end of 2014 adding more space and strength to its relevance. Another key Art Fair is Art Dubai, located in Madinat Jumeirah, which hosts galleries from more than 30 countries. It is recognized as the most important Art Fair in the Middle East. Also, the SIKKA Art Fair in traditional Dubai, Al Bastakiya area was established in 2011 and aims to promote young, and establishing contemporary artists. Another place of interest for art and culture enthusiasts is Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde representing some of the most important regional artists.
Due to the fact that Dubai is a very popular tourist attraction and transit hub, the audience for the above mentioned galleries comprises thousands of foreigners who are interested in following the evolution of the local art scene. However, the emirate seems to place bigger emphasis on its global artistic status, so there is considerable online promotion of these events too. Also, with the Expo 2020 coming, Dubai has engaged itself into establishing its self as a world leader in creativity, innovation and online connectivity. Those who cannot get to Dubai to see the galleries can see an art gallery online and appreciate the most notable works. Even more, enthusiasts and art lovers no longer have to go to the seller in person if they want to purchase a painting or a photograph, because they can order everything online.
It goes without saying that the transition towards online accessibility is regulated by quality standards. Those who purchase art online also get a certificate of authenticity and can choose from multiple framing options. Although paintings are still extremely popular, clients are beginning to show a growing interest in the artistic value of contemporary photography. Some of them are art collectors, but there are also individual clients who need modern photographs for their home decoration or as corporate centerpieces. Even if Dubai is less known for its art up to now, the emirate is rapidly establishing into a creative hub and becoming a landmark for arts. In conclusion, those who love paintings, photography and art prints and would like to find out how vibrant Dubai has contributed to the regional and global art scene can visit the most important galleries in that area or they can see them online, where some of them can also be purchased.

By Groshan Fabiola

The Revisionist Collection

Just when we thought we had caught up with Bob Dylan, he has gone and surprised us again. Most famously known as an influential and controversial musician for the last five decades, Dylan certainly never gets stuck in a rut. We first saw his ability to keep his audience on their toes when he ditched the protest songs and swapped his famous acoustic guitar for an electric one. This move bewildered a lot of his fans, but Dylan did not bat an eyelid. He had his eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead and never showed any sign of looking back.
Dylan has had a long and successful career in the music industry, writing over five hundred songs in his time, including 'Like a Rolling Stone', 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' and 'Blowing in the Wind'. Instead of stepping quietly out of the spotlight, he carries on to shock us all.
Firstly, it was a surprise that Bob Dylan was an artist as well as a musician. He evidenced his talents and captivated the world with a collection called 'Drawn Blank Series'. This was a great success for the artist, therefore meaning that it was not the time to switch off his creative brain. Instead we are graced with a new collection; perhaps more controversial than his previous portfolios, but nevertheless exciting.
Revisionist Art
The new portfolio released this year, could not be any more far removed from the 'Drawn Blank Series'. In fact, one would think that it was a complete different artist altogether!
The new collection is a limited edition of hand signed silkscreens which are the covers of popular magazines taken from the last half a century. The concept behind this is intriguing. They are magazine covers which have escaped history's notice. They are from a world only slightly removed from our own, and are indicative of a place more honest about its corruption. According to the works of Bob Dylan, our history is not quite what we think it is.
Dylan's artwork shows his outstanding awareness of the everyday, illustrating the same drive for renewal which epitomised his legendary music career. In this portfolio of art he has transformed popular designs, reconsidering the syntax, graphics and chromatic content and then enlarging them onto silkscreened images.
No doubt that this collection will be as popular as his last, and there is no chance of his audience becoming bored. It is sensed that this will probably not be the last we hear from Bob Dylan, and perhaps there are more shocking things to come.

By Robert Harry Smith

FAQs About Animatronic Figures

What types of animatronic figures are available?
You can find animatronics of all types, sizes, scope and level of sophistication. For example, there are figures of birds, animals and even human beings.
The figures are designed for different functions and for different locations. For example, there are those that are ideal to be displayed in homes and small locations and there are those that are ideal to be displayed in large public areas.
If you want a given figure, you only need to approach a given company and place your order. The company will process your order and create what you asked for.
How much do animatronics cost?
The cost of the figures depends on the complexity and level of detail. This means the more complex a figure is, the more expensive it is. For example, you can find simple animatronics going for as little as $50 and find complex figures going for millions of dollars.
When buying the figures, you should always go for the highest quality. This is to ensure that the product that you buy lasts for a long time. This calls for you to do plenty of research in order to identify a company that will sell you high quality products at low prices.
The good side is that you can easily identify a good quality company by going through the review sites. Here you will see what different people have to say about different companies. As rule of thumb you should always go with the company with the highest number of positive reviews.
How are animatronic figures made?
Animatronics are usually powered by pneumatics, hydraulics or by electricity. The figures incorporate mechanical frames that are made from stainless steel and aluminum alloys. There are also perfectly designed joints that are placed in natural joint positions.
The machinery is covered with body shells and flexible skins that are made of hard and soft materials. The figure is then colored in order to give it a great finish. Hair, feathers and other touches can be used to add detail and finalize the work.
For the figure to perform in a realistic and lifelike manner, the animation control computer is programmed by an animator.
Can likenesses be made using this technology?
Yes, likenesses of celebrities, presidents, athletes, historic personalities and other influential individuals can be made using this technology. If you need a likeness to be created you only need to identify a reputable company that will give you the results that you need.