Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting Started As a Magician

It is very difficult to be a magician, as it is probably one of the most difficult arts to practice and master. However, once you reach the point where you believe you've mastered some amazing stunts, you might want to gain notoriety as a magician. Let us have a brief guideline on how to get started as an up and coming magician.
We have presumed that the person in question already has some skills outside of coin and card tricks in order to get started.
Every magician has his/her own special abilities and qualities. It is a humble request to every magician not to try to copy other famous magicians because in this process you may lose your originality. It is important to learn from some of these famous magicians but one should not try to copy them, as each one of them is different in his/her own ways.
Take for example Harry Houdini and Dynamo. Both these magicians are extremely skilful and yet both have diametrically opposite styles. Houdini was more of an over the top magician who loved being flashy and extravagant. Dynamo on the other hand is like a silent killer, who lets his actions speak more than words. It is important for a budding magician to retain his/her persona and act accordingly.
The budding magician must take up small shows at birthdays and other functions in order to garner some kind of confidence. The budding magician should never shy away from these shows, as some magicians confront their egos while doing such shows. It is important to remember that a sequential manner would benefit in the longer term. Hence, these small shows should be used as a confidence building measure. In addition, if one feels that he/she has performed a mistake, try to laugh it out and show that it was meant to be one.
Last but not the least; the magician should upload his/her magic videos on various media sites like YouTube. The magician should then do a proper marketing of this video and follow it up with other videos too. These videos, when will performed and unique, will make you popular among. If you are popular on internet then it will not take a long time for you to be popular as a magician too.
Social media and practice in front of an audience has helped many a magician get started in there careers. If you're really hard up for gigs, you can even promise to do a free one to start, and then film that show for YouTube to show how you are in front of an audience.

By James J Anthony

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