Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to Prepare for Any Event

It's quite rare that you can write and read a one size fits all guide which will work for (almost) any situation within a particular field. When it comes to event furniture hire and planning though, there's a basic system you will always need to follow in order to make sure everything goes perfectly to plan.
  • Setting the date
You will be working around this for everything you do next, so it's vital that you get this sorted in advance. Make sure it's something you can do, and one which gives you enough time to plan the rest of the event and organise event furniture hire and the like. While it might be tempting to change the date so that everyone can come, you'll find that this is rarely - if ever - the case anyway.
Most events can be planned and organised in two weeks, but longer is always preferable.
  • Sort the guest list
This is another important factor which will help you to determine how big a venue you will need and how much event furniture hire you will need to do. Work out just who you'll be inviting, and remember that around 20% of your invitees are likely to turn down your invitation due to other commitments.
  • The venue
Now you know how many people you will be asking to attend, you can look for venues large enough to host this number. Always pick somewhere which can cope with the maximum you'll be having (as well as few extra places in case you've forgotten anyone, or someone wants to take a plus one along with them.
The venue should be easy to reach. You might have guests who plan to walk, drive, or to take public transport, so make sure all of them will have a way of attending. No parking can be a real parking, but if there's a public car park nearby, provide instructions on how to get from there to the venue on foot.
  • Send the invites
Now everything is set in stone, it's time to let your guests know. Give them as much notice as you can, so this can be done as soon as you have booked the venue. Ask whether there are any specific dietary requirements which will need to be catered for, and provide contact details so you can answer any questions which may arise.
  • Furniture hire
Now you have an empty room, and people who will be in attendance. Make sure they're not making a wasted trip by filling that room and preparing your event. You're likely to need an event furniture hire company to provide seating and tables, but the needs will differ from event from event. If you're not sure what you need or what would work well, speak to the event furniture hire company themselves who will be able to give you the best advice possible (after all, they're likely to have done this before).
  • Catering
If your event requires food and drink, now is the time to organise that particular element. This might be a sit down meal or it could be a just light refreshments like tea and biscuits.

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