Thursday, 9 January 2014

FAQs About Animatronic Figures

What types of animatronic figures are available?
You can find animatronics of all types, sizes, scope and level of sophistication. For example, there are figures of birds, animals and even human beings.
The figures are designed for different functions and for different locations. For example, there are those that are ideal to be displayed in homes and small locations and there are those that are ideal to be displayed in large public areas.
If you want a given figure, you only need to approach a given company and place your order. The company will process your order and create what you asked for.
How much do animatronics cost?
The cost of the figures depends on the complexity and level of detail. This means the more complex a figure is, the more expensive it is. For example, you can find simple animatronics going for as little as $50 and find complex figures going for millions of dollars.
When buying the figures, you should always go for the highest quality. This is to ensure that the product that you buy lasts for a long time. This calls for you to do plenty of research in order to identify a company that will sell you high quality products at low prices.
The good side is that you can easily identify a good quality company by going through the review sites. Here you will see what different people have to say about different companies. As rule of thumb you should always go with the company with the highest number of positive reviews.
How are animatronic figures made?
Animatronics are usually powered by pneumatics, hydraulics or by electricity. The figures incorporate mechanical frames that are made from stainless steel and aluminum alloys. There are also perfectly designed joints that are placed in natural joint positions.
The machinery is covered with body shells and flexible skins that are made of hard and soft materials. The figure is then colored in order to give it a great finish. Hair, feathers and other touches can be used to add detail and finalize the work.
For the figure to perform in a realistic and lifelike manner, the animation control computer is programmed by an animator.
Can likenesses be made using this technology?
Yes, likenesses of celebrities, presidents, athletes, historic personalities and other influential individuals can be made using this technology. If you need a likeness to be created you only need to identify a reputable company that will give you the results that you need.

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