Wednesday, 12 March 2014

4 Creative Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers usually beautify a wedding; however, the unfortunate thing is that they tend to be expensive thus unaffordable for many people. The good side is that there are some measures that you can take and save on the flowers. Some of the measures that you can take include:
Picking a gorgeous venue
While there are some benefits that come with hosting a wedding at a hotel, most of the reception and ceremony spaces in these hotels tend to be raw; therefore, you have to bring in a lot of décor and flowers in order to liven up the places.
To avoid buying a lot of flowers, you should choose a venue that has a lot of built-in charm. For example, you can go for a historic church, botanical garden or a quaint country inn. Choosing any of these places means that your guests will have a lot of things to ogle at and they won't even remember that the venue has no flowers.
Buying what is locally available
If you are set to buy a bouquet, you should go for flowers that are in season and can be easily sourced. This way you won't need to pay premium amounts of money. Although, you save money doing this, it's usually hard to get the flowers that you are looking for.
Going for silk flowers
Silk flowers are usually less expensive and look and feel like the real thing. You can either rent or buy the flora. If you choose to buy the silk flora, you don't have to throw them away once the ceremony is over. This is because you can give them as a token of thanks to your guests.
Using non-floral elements
Since the floral elements tend to be expensive, you can try to lower the cost by using non-floral elements. Some of the great elements that you can use are: candles, books and lanterns. These are much cheaper than flowers and as a result you save a lot of money.
If there are fruits in your area, you can use them instead. Some of the great fruits that you can use are: apples, pumpkins, artichokes, grapes, and gourds.
Bottles have also been shown to be very effective in making a visual impact in your wedding décor. Here you need to collect the bottles that fit your theme. For example if you have a rustic theme, you should go for vintage bottles. The good side with using bottles is that they are cheap and easy to find.

By P K Martin

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