Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Listening to Books Is Exciting

Ever since I was a little child, I have been reading. I read books at as young an age as the age of three. My dad bought me a composition book and I learned how to write. After I learned how to write, I started reading what I wrote and eventually, I read what others wrote in books. My dad bought me a lot of books with pictures in them. Even though I enjoyed looking at the pictures more, I still loved reading the words. I took reading for granted back then, however, I now realize how invaluable it is. Currently, when I read, I cannot help but pronounce the words aloud, because I want to feel each word on the page enter my brain.
Reading out loud, whether with my voice, or through sub-vocalization is something that reminds me of the days when my dad would read to me. It also reminds me of the tapes my dad bought me where a lady or gentleman read nursery rhymes to me. I miss having the words read to me and that's why I read them to myself. Whenever I read a classic book, like The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye, I read aloud to myself. It takes me longer to finish the book, because I get exhausted vocalizing each word.
Luckily, there's new technology available where I can listen to a book instead of reading it aloud. Books are a very entertaining form of media because the words speak straight to one's heart. One is not distracted by the looks of actors or actresses. He or she is not distracted by the sounds of the score or by the cinematography. He or she can just focus on the actual words themselves and the action of the plot. It is why audio books are a great form of entertainment in today's world.
I have read many classic books and I understood them deeply. However, my understanding will certainly grow when I purchase them in the audio format and listen to them. The details that I missed while reading aloud to myself will be revealed when I listen to the audio versions of the classical tales. It will be like watching a movie without all the cinematographic hoopla. Listening is very powerful, certainly a highly dominant way of receiving information. From now on, I am listening to an audio version of a book, shortly after reading it.

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