Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Creating Your Sewing Sanctuary

Don't panic! Find a space of your very own. Nothing sparks your creativity as much as having a special place to sew with well organized sewing equipment stored within easy reach. Once you have found a place to sew, sewing will become more enjoyable.
Pick a space with several considerations in mind. Most importantly, your space must be accessible to electrical outlets and adequate lighting. In addition, think about the noise factor. Will the sound of your machine distract others? Will the sounds of others distract you?
To simplify the planning of your sewing area and to stimulate your own originality, here are some necessities for sewing conditions:
1. Both natural and artificial lighting is required. You should have an overhead light for basic lighting and a high intensity lamp for making small detailed work easier.
2. Convenient outlets for all your electrical equipment are obvious necessities. An extension cord must be available when needed.
3. You will require a cutting table. The ideal table should be accessible from all 4 sides, hard surfaced. Some may choose to use the floor or kitchen when cutting. Be sure that the surface is clean and flat.
4. Your sewing machine section must be wide enough to enable free movement of your fabric and room to place your utensils.
5. To provide proper back support during stitching, select a comfortable chair with a straight back.
6. To avoid wasting valuable time in searching for a needed item, organize a storage system of rollout drawers.
7. A box or tote bag to move equipment from one work area to another can be another time-saver.
8. A large storage area will be needed. This way, large pieces of fabric or incomplete projects can lie flat.
9. A pressing area near your machine and storage space is essential.
10. Supply closet space for hanging nearly finished projects and clothes that need repairing.
11. Have a full-length mirror near ample lighting for viewing your garments. The 3-way variety above the mirror is ideal, especially for fittings.
12. For a cheerful atmosphere, choose a soft color with bright accents.
13. To keep your lovely area neat, place a wastebasket under the machine area and near the cutting table.
Try to combine your wishes with the ideas mentioned above to create your very own sewing space. Whether it's just a corner of a room, your originality can make it a warm haven for producing several of fashionable masterpieces. Don't constraint your shopping to the sewing notions counters. Browse in every department to complete your dream of a sewing sanctuary. Anything to which you devote so much of your time deserves to have special considerations.

By Kashopae Evans

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