Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Acrylic Painting

Acrylic is a transparent material that is used for many purposes. One of the major functions of the material is to display paintings. If you have an acrylic artwork you need to put a number of measures in place to ensure that it retains its elegant look for a long time. Some of the measures that you need to put in place include:
Avoid placing the paintings under direct sunlight. To ensure that the artworks don't fade you should place them under indirect sunlight, halogen lights or under recessed lighting. These lights don't affect the paintings thus the artworks retain their original look for a long time.
You should also avoid displaying the artworks in places of high or too low temperatures. For example, you should not display them in areas that are above 60 °C or below 40 °C.
For ideal results you should ensure that you place paintings in places with relative humidity. You should also ensure that the artworks are in places where the temperature is constant.
You should not allow rigid objects to press against the front or the back surface of the stretched canvas because this results to permanent indentation damage. If you are transporting or storing the painting you should ensure that you place it in a package that is moisture and water resistant.
The package should also be cushioned to absorb shock the may result from bumps. Experts recommend that the package should be wrapped and sealed to ensure that its dent, puncture, and humidity resistant.
If you want to clean the surface of the painting, you should avoid using solvents or other cleaning products. This is because the cleaning products usually embed the dirt into the artwork and cause permanent liquid lines over the surface which gives the painting a very displeasing look.
Instead of using cleaning liquids you should use compressed air in a can to blow away the surface dust. If you don't have access to compressed air you should use a dry, soft brush to lightly brush the surface. You should be careful when brushing and ensure that you don't bump or scratch the painting.
If you clean your artwork for a long time and you notice that the dirt is not coming off you should seek out for professional services. For ideal results you should hire the services of an experienced art conservator who will know the best way of cleaning the painting without causing any damage.

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